more field notes

I noticed a Girl Scout selling cookies at a table in the bowling alley. Her name was Skyler, and her mom was Tracey. It was her first time selling the cookies. She is in a Saturday league at the bowling alley. One person had bought it so far, another asked for a box for later. One person also asked if they would still be there.

Skyler’s troop asked business owners if they could sell the cookies at their places, the bowling alley included. They also sold at Shoprite, Acme, Wawa, Nail Expo, Pep Boys, Dominos, Barnes and Noble. The troop was from Glassboro, Clayton, and Aura.

The cookies cost $4 a box. The reason Skyler was there was because her uncle also bowled there. Tracey left the table and came back frequently. They were leaving after they were finished selling at 8:30 because it was a school night. They would be back on Friday and Saturday.

The alley also has a Lousy Bowler Club and does fundraisers. It first smelled like cleaning fluid, and then fried chicken.

There is also a bar. It smelled of smoking. There were pool tables in there for a league on Tuesdays. The people participating there were only there to play pool, not to bowl. There were only about 10 people in there. Two violin cases were on a table next to some pool sticks. Three people were eating at a table, five people sat watching the pool games, one person was drinking at the bar. There were two TVs over the bar and four more over the tables. There were drink specials written on a light-up board and other signs around the place. There was also a blank video screen and Rowan pennants. A dance floor was in the corner.

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