random fieldnotes about someone’s hair

I followed a man at the bowling alley on Tuesday night because of his very interesting hairstyle. The man was clean shaven with neatly trimmed sideburns near his ears, and his hair was colored a dark brown.
It was short overall, but his hair was cut a lot shorter on the sides of his head, approximately a quarter of an inch long. It was longer on top, maybe an inch long, give or take. The longer hair at the top of his head was gelled back, and it looked like he combed it while he was putting on the gel.
I then noticed a small space near the top of his hair style. Was he starting to go bald? This man looked like he was in his late teens to mid twenties. He was at the bowling alley with two bald guys, based on whom were at his table by the lane he was using.
I did not talk to this man or any of his companions. It felt a little awkward watching somebody and observing his hairstyle, but I managed to stay hidden in the crowd at a counter between the bowling lanes and the concession stand. There was a very good sized crowd at the bowling alley for a Tuesday night, partially because of league matches.


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