Jack Shinn (Patriot Guard Riders) transcript

After talking to a few of my members, here is what I found out.
The rock back in 1987 was covered with graffitti. A short time after that, the rock was cleaned off and was painted as an American Flag. Since that time, many Patriotic groups, including some of our Patriot Guard Riders, have adorned it with American symbols, to include flags. Many of the people who left things want to remain anonymous, so it is really hard to pin down one group or one individual. That’s all I was able to find out. Hope that helps you out a bit at least. Be well and if there is something else I can help you with, just email me. I’ll do what I can.

John Calu notes

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Woven in together tightly, the characters are fictional, the locations and original painter are real, based in research


Tour de Pines is real


Part of a series of several books, YA fiction novels about mysteries in NJ

First was Treasue of Tucker’s island, second was jersey Devil, this was the third, Spirits of Cedar bridge, Carranza, Riddle in the Sand

Last location of a land battle in the Revolutionary War, Cedar bridge Tavern

Dave and him go back almost 30 years, musician thought they’d have a good chemistry together as writers, dave’s a historian and he’s a dramatist

They took turns writing the story, they care about the story and the writing

They spent lots of time in the area, talked to the locals, got to know people, they knew some people in the pines and shore community, and got to know more.

Lines on the Pines, annual event for writers and artists

Featured speakers there next year

Had hands on experience visiting the place

Followed a lot of what Rahn had to say

Vicky ford

Wanted to do screenplays instead of books, people suggested it would be a book

We got a great deal of love for the pines and the jersey shore itself

Both have daughters, their central character Kelly is supposed to be like their daughters

Promote environmental awareness

Myra’s notes, attempting the style of David Foster Wallace

We walked into the brightly lit environment of the bowling alley, with the sound of balls thunking and clunking as they hit strikes on the glossy hardwood floors. The pins falling sounded musical. Sporadic applause filled the place and people occasionally high-fived each other. Monitors with brightly colored displays flickered.


Three guys in their 50s or 60s sat at a table. One was bald, his head beautifully shiny in the light, with a smudge of brown, close-clipped hair and slight sideburns. Another man wore a cap.  There was a woman with light golden brown hair, a beautiful color. It was slightly wavy and held back with a tortoise shell clip.


One man went to Rowan for an engineering degree. Nearby, a woman in a low-cut pink shirt bummed a French fry off a companion.


The people mostly lived in Glassboro and Clayton. They played in the All Mixed Up league every Tuesday. There is also an all female league from Glassboro.


A man aged around 35 wore a wrist brace and a faded Penn State t shirt. He had a friend wearing a closed cropped hairstyle and a diamond earring.

Another person wore a Freilenger t shirt, jeans, sweatshirts and T shirts.


A voice booms over the loudspeaker: “Nice going, Corey! Woo-hoo!”


An elderly man patted me on the back.


There was also a woman named Kori who went to St. Peter’s College. She was originally from New Orleans, and since it was Mardi Gras, she had bracelets and necklaces in the proper gold, purple, green colors.